LKM Groups Groups Markets recognize that the traditional Prime Broker model is effective but creating the perfect feed takes time and volume. FIX is the leading protocol for fast messaging, direct connectivity and trading in the financial markets. The LK Markets FIX API Service is a turnkey solution for institutional and high volume clients looking for direct access to market leading liquidity at affordable prices and without relying on external applications/front ends. 

FIX API clients leverage off LK Markets existing liquidity and technology relationships to see one counterparty, one price and one competitive, volume based fee.


Liquidity for Clients

LK Markets aggregates prices from over 50 different banks and dark pool liquidity sources meaning you will always get the best possible price available in the market. Our order book is one of the deepest of all FX brokers globally; this combined with market leading spreads results in better execution quality.

Through our institutional banking relationships we have been able to achieve an average EURUSD spread of 0.1 pips, the lowest spread for this pair globally.


Liquidity for Brokers

LK Markets can provide liquidity to brokers using the same FIX API. Also, brokers using the MT4 or MT5 platforms can access LK Markets liquidity using the oneZero Bridge as a turnkey solution. Hosted MetaTrader 4 server and white labeling is also available.


What are the advantages of the FIX API?

The main advantage of the FIX API is how light and fast it is. At its very core, it was designed to transfer huge amounts of information at high frequency.

Moreover, it benefits from being specifically built for the financial industry. This means that it is built on foundations that all financial traders will be familiar with.

Since the FIX API is designed to work anonymously, traders who use a proprietary system can make full use of it without any risks that their strategy might become public.

Finally, it is industry-unified, which means setting up a connection is fast and easy. The FIX API will be ready to use for traders in no time.


Why use FIX API

FIX API connection offers real-time rate feed and provides client with complete control over receiving and sending data without the use of an intermediary application or software. Clients can submit orders, modify/cancel/set orders and receive notification of trading activities. In general, anything that the intermediary application/software provides, FIX API will offer the same functionality.

Reasons for using FIX API:

  • Limitations of intermediary application

  • Lower latency

  • Improved fill rates

  • Larger range of order types

  • Customisations to suit the traders need.

  • Anonymity of client’s automated systems.

  • For experienced programmers 


oneZero Financial FIX API Solutions:

The oneZero FIX API is a tried and test solution and the best fit for any trader looking for the lowest latency between their order, the FIX engine and LK Markets liquidity. This setup is collocated within the New York Equinox NY4 data center along with IC Markets existing trading infrastructure.

As LK Markets currently pushes over 500,000 tickets per day through the oneZero FIX engine, we can personally attest to its performance and stability during all market conditions.


Trading conditions & costs associated

  • Monthly fees

  • Commission starts from $20 per million

Minimum Requirements:

  • USD 100 million trading volume

  • Minimum account balance 50K USD*

  • Conformance testing is required prior to going live.

*Subject to change after conformance testing.


LKM Groups Trader FIX API

The LKM Groups Trader FIX API is a simpler solution which better accommodates traders newer to FIX and who would prefer the security of having access to their account through a retail GUI (LKM Groups Trader). All LKM Groups Trader accounts can connect via the FIX API so there is no special account type to apply for and there isn’t the same conformance testing process; again making this solution more ideal for traders who are newer to FIX.

Additionally and unlike the oneZero FIX API solution, there are no minimum volume requirements, minimum monthly fees, etc.

 The LKM Groups Trader (FIX) server is based in the London Equinix LD5 data centre.



Trading conditions & costs associated:

  • Commissions start from $30 USD per Million traded


Minimum Requirements:

  • No Minimum Requirements


Reporting and Financial Statements

Traders using the oneZero FIX API will have access to ‘Margin System’. Margin System will allow the trader to track profit/loss, monitor positions, margin, equity etc. in real time. For more information, please see the Margin System section in the Bridge User guide here

Traders using the LKM Groups Trader FIX API will have access to their account via LKM Groups Trader desktop, mobile and web. This is more ideal for traders who aren’t trading high frequency systems and want the peace of mind of accessing their account at any time, from anywhere.



  • Earn yourself;
  • Min. deposit amount - unlimited income;
  • Profitable - profession for everyone.

What is required?

  • Any place with available internet connection;
  • Desktop, a PC, smartphone etc;
  • Desire to earn money.

Best MT4 Platform

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